With the Exentriq sending platform you can communicate with consumers directly and quickly by sending personalized SMS. Take advantage of all the power of SMS Marketing to establish an exclusive and targeted relationship with your target audience.


Thousands of SMS in just one click

Whatever your sector of affiliation, SMS Marketing is the ideal tool for sending communications in a timely and targeted manner, disseminating information on new products, promotions or services through personalized, simple and effective messages.

Indicate your target audience, prepare the contact list and create the message structure; once the campaign has started, thanks to in-depth statistical reports, you can monitor its progress and test its effectiveness. SMS is a technology within everyone's reach and helps to strengthen relationships between company and customer; your messages, in one click, will arrive directly in the pockets of consumers.

Your customers will feel important

Personalize the text of the SMS with name and surname, record important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries and be the first to send greetings, this will help to bring you closer to the hearts of customers. Schedule the sending of special promotions to all contacts or just to some and let them know that you care, in a few clicks you will get satisfied and loyal customers.

Integrate the text with links that refer to your website or a landing page in order to increase the visibility of the brand and offer all the necessary information. Once you have set up the sending automations, you can continue your work, the Exentriq platform will take care of pampering customers. Thanks to the automatic sending you can, for example, accompany them with a series of guide messages during a registration or a purchase or help them remember appointments and deadlines, your customers will no longer be able to do without you.



Constant monitoring

Constantly monitor the effectiveness of your SMS thanks to key metrics, reports and statistics to find out what works and what you can improve instead!

Complete tool

Everything you need for an effective SMS Marketing campaign will be concentrated in a single tool. Configuring and scheduling sending will be quick and easy.

Loyal customers

Call them by name, send birthday wishes or send personalized promotions, your customers will really feel the absolute protagonists and will reciprocate by choosing you a second time.

Increase your earnings

SMS are direct, simple and punctual calls to action but above all within reach of all targets so you will have immense possibilities to convert a contact into a potential customer.

Drive consumers

Don't make your customers feel alone, guide them to discover promotions, buy a product or register on your blog with a series of automatic text messages.

Save time

If marketing was stressful and you wasted a lot of precious time, it's now easier than ever, just a few steps to configure SMS and we'll take care of the rest!


Get everyone involved

SMS can quickly reach a large and varied audience being a tool within everyone's reach. This peculiarity will ensure that the probability of converting a reader into a customer is much higher!

An affordable solution

The affordability of SMS marketing makes it a truly exceptional strategy. In fact, a small investment will be enough to be able to send hundreds of messages and obtain excellent results.

Versatile tool

SMS are direct, immediate, simple and very effective, they can be combined with many other promotional strategies also linked to the digital world, adapting perfectly to your every need.

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