It's time to let everyone know what you can do and what important news you have for your customers by creating engaging, interesting and effective newsletters for the growth of your business.


Create professional newsletters and engage your audience

Exentriq offers an advanced tool for creating effective email marketing campaigns useful for increasing the visibility of your business, advertising the company website, informing customers about important news or disseminating interesting sector articles.

The editing experience with Exentriq is simple, add images, videos, links to in-depth content and everything you need to get a personalized, persuasive and captivating email. Click and drag technology makes creating relevant and engaging templates a breeze.

Maximize your emails

Customize your contact list by organizing them as you like and decide whether to send newsletters to everyone or just to a specific group. Whether your readers are sitting on a desk or on the subway, your emails will be perfectly readable from any device. Get to know them and start surprising them!

You will have the possibility to configure the automatic sending of newsletters by setting the date and time of sending, always experiment with new strategies by studying the preferences of your audience. Thanks to the reports that are always updated in real time, you can keep track of the progress of your email marketing campaigns so you can make all the necessary changes to improve the effectiveness of the campaign.



Automatic submission

Configure the automatic sending of newsletters in a few steps, choose recipients, date and time and always experiment with new strategies to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Contact management

Integrate, modify and manage the contact list as you wish so as to send newsletters with contents consistent with their characteristics and tastes.

Maximum customization

Follow the style of your website or store for newsletters recognizable at a glance and consistent with the style of your business, you will have maximum freedom of customization.


Thanks to the reports updated in real time, you will always have the progress of the email marketing campaign under control, thus evaluating its effectiveness.

Simple and immediate

The editing tools are really simple and within everyone's reach so that everyone can get a professional result without having great computer knowledge.


Your contact list and customer information are safe. Readers will always be informed about how their personal data is processed thanks to a clear and accessible privacy policy.


More traffic on the site

Insert in the email a direct link to your site or online shop and thus increase visits, consequently the possibility of receiving contacts and converting these into customers.

A reward for customers

Communicate directly with your customers by sending personalized promotions and offers, strengthen your relationship by offering them concrete solutions.

Increase sales capacity

Email marketing is a direct communication tool to achieve the conversion goal; then send targeted emails to your target and start billing!

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