Now you can also do it alone! In a few steps you will open an online store and you can make your products known to the whole world.


A concentrate of solutions to create a successful e-commerce

Indulge your desire to sell products online and create an e-commerce yourself, whatever your sector will be a success. Think about how you would like customers to view your products, imagine your online showcase and start building it!

A few clicks and all your products will be organized into categories, divided by tag or by sector. Drag to organize, click to insert or delete, it's simple! You will have a thousand solutions to encourage the customer to explore the e-commerce site such as the "related products" option.

The best solution to enter the online world

Enhance the goods by integrating the description with images and videos that show the functionality, you will not need any professional to do it but only your imagination and knowledge of the sector. Browsing and purchasing will be clear and smooth from any device.

Payments and personal data of customers will always be safe thanks to the SSL certificate included and the purchase is really easy for everyone. Furthermore, you will always have a complete and organized overview of turnover, stocks and sales so that you always have everything under control thanks to a single tool. With the Exentriq e-commerce editor you will offer your customers exactly what they expect from you.



Tailor-made creation

Whatever your sector and your idea of ​​e-commerce with Exentriq you can indulge yourself in customizing each section and creating product categories according to your sales needs.


Browsing and purchasing will be smooth and simple on any device while maintaining quality and effectiveness. Product categories and descriptions will always be well organized.

Easy to integrate

Inserting, modifying or deleting the products for sale on your e-commerce will be simple and above all fast. Your online store will thus always be consistent and in line with the actual availability of goods.


Reliability and safety will be your flagship products. Customers' personal and payment data will always be safe thanks to the included SSL certificate.

Product categories

Thanks to the simple and intuitive editing dashboard, it only takes a few steps to have the products on sale always organized into categories, thus improving the customer's shopping experience.


You will be immediately ready to enter the world of online sales with a complete, professional, flexible tool able to compete with the large successful e-commerce.


24/7 sales

An e-commerce is open 24 hours a day, regardless of your working hours or the number of employees; this translates into a greater likelihood of sales.

No more borders

With e-commerce, the distance between seller and buyer is canceled; the online store will have no geographical borders and you can bring your products all over the world!

Cost savings

The costs for starting and maintaining an e-commerce are lower than in a traditional shop: no rent, no bills and reduced need for staff.

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