Indulge customers by sending special coupons, impress with eye-catching graphics to grab their attention, and invite them to take action. Remember, to send a promotion you don't need a special occasion but a special tool.


Don't go unnoticed!

For a crazy offer you need crazy graphics, with the Exentriq Editor you can create it from scratch or start from a predefined template, then complete it with dates, texts, images and all the necessary information. In a few clicks you will have created a professional but above all effective promotional campaign.

Everything you upload will always be available for future projects as well. The promotions you create with Exentriq will have all the credentials, will be complete with descriptions, clauses and any limitations and terms of use. No particular technical skills are required but only brilliant ideas, for everything else there is Exentriq.

It's time to share your offers

Once the creative part is finished it's time to distribute your coupon! You can download the PDF version or start sending it by email, share it on social networks, with an SMS or insert it on a landing page. Choose the means of distribution based on the characteristics of your target and capture their attention.

Inside the coupon you can insert a form to fill in the data so you can expand the contact list. In fact, personalized promotions are not only a useful tool to reward the most loyal customers but also to make your business known and entice new targets to try products or services. Coupons are also an excellent strategy to solicit customers who have not bought in a long time, send the less active an offer they will not be able to refuse and pique their curiosity.



Professional result

The coupons created with Exentriq have all the credentials, they will be complete with descriptions, clauses and any limitations and terms of use.

Maximum customization

Promotional campaigns are a great way to reward customers who are most loyal to your business. Make them feel important, reward them with discounts and personalized gifts.

Increase your sales

The offers are more conducive to buying and encourage you to try new products and brands. Base your promotion on a solid strategy and you will see sales volumes take off.

Reward loyalty

It only takes a few clicks to change the opacity of the images, increase or decrease the size and color of the font, add a photo, until you get the coupon that perfectly reflects your idea.


Intrigue you

Send eye-catching coupons that draw attention to the offer and your business. With this tool you not only encourage buying but make your brand even more recognizable.


Coupons are a great way to acquire new customers, with special welcome offers, and retain returning customers by rewarding their loyalty.

Increase your sales

The coupon can be tied to a single product or an entire order generating significant extra revenue, and it also directs attention to your online store or website.

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