With Campaign Management, plan, manage and monitor all your advertising campaigns created on the various portals with a single tool.


One tool, infinite possibilities

Campaign Management is an indispensable tool to easily manage all online advertising campaigns. Connect and synchronize all your Google Ads, Facebook or other accounts in a few steps and start managing all your advertising projects from here.

Follow the guided instructions to choose the objectives of the campaign, select the characteristics of the target audience and the budget; a few clicks and the ads will be online. Exentriq Campaign Management provides detailed ad performance reports and an overview of key campaign traffic and processes.

Monitor, analyze and manage

Keyword Tracking

Analyze the keywords selected for the ads, check the impressions, clicks and costs to better refine the campaigns.

Audience Tracking

You will be able to verify audience engagement and collect information about the date and time of viewing.

Financial Tracking

You will have total control over the budget of all the ADs software in order to optimize and organize the spending for the various ads.



Greater visibility

Showcase your brand's strengths with captivating and engaging ads that will be an invitation to find out more about what you have to offer thus increasing brand awareness.

Reach more customers

By configuring the campaigns based on the characteristics of your target, your ads will reach the users who need your product and clicks on the ads will convert into profitable actions.

Increase your sales

Take advantage of the potential of Google and social networks to make products and services known, reach users who are really interested in what you offer and start converting visits into profitable actions.

Maximum control over the budget

You will have total control over costs, there is no minimum spend and you can set a monthly, daily and per ad maximum limit. You will never spend more than you want.


Get competitive

Don't miss the chance to keep up with the big competitors in your industry; a small investment will be enough to make your ads stand out and grow your business online and offline.

Reach your audience

Study your target and anticipate users' needs by offering, before others, products and services that can satisfy their needs!

It fits the budget

You can start investing small amounts of money and then adjust them based on the performance and effectiveness of your campaign. Therefore, it is not necessary to invest large sums right away to get great results.

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