Design dynamic and engaging landing pages that turn your website or blog visitors into potential customers. Leverage your creativity and the tools offered by Exentriq to amaze and generate interest.


Combine strategy and fantasy with the Exentriq editor

We have created a simple and essential tool to allow everyone to create a professional and effective landing page like those designed by a specialist. So start advertising articles, promotions or events, increase the number of subscribers and consequently your customer base.

In just a few steps, you will have already created a landing page that is perfect for your goals. Add images, icons and texts with custom fonts to align the graphics with the style of your brand even without special technical skills.

Strengthen customer relationships and track results

An effective Landing Page contributes to the growth of your contact list, then insert forms to subscribe to newsletters or directly create shortcuts to convey readers to a website or an online shop. Any reader could become a potential new customer.

Your landing page can be combined with other marketing tools or communication channels such as social media and email. The Exentriq editor also offers you a behind the scenes full of detailed but intuitive reports to monitor the effectiveness of your strategies. Furthermore, since more than 60% of visits to a landing page come from Smartphones, everything you create will be optimized for each type of device.



Quick and easy

Create landing pages relevant to your goals and target in minutes. Just take a look at it to understand how you can insert anything you want on the page.


You will have the ability to link the landing page to many other marketing strategies or communication channels such as email, social networks or websites.


By configuring the campaigns based on the characteristics of your target, your ads will reach the users who need your product and clicks on the ads will convert into profitable actions.

Make people talk about you

Promote your business and talk about new projects to your customers, expand your audience thanks to the registration forms that you can insert in the structure of the landing page.


For each landing page created you can monitor its effectiveness thanks to detailed reports on views, clicks, origin, devices and many other useful statistics.

Maximum customization

Exentriq offers you thousands of predefined landing page templates, choose the most suitable one and customize it down to the smallest detail, or choose to build it from scratch.


Turn readers into customers

Don't miss the chance to keep up with the big competitors in your industry; a small investment will be enough to make your ads stand out and grow your business online and offline.

Generate inscriptions

Study your target and anticipate users' needs by offering, before others, products and services that can satisfy their needs; Google Ads will help you connect with your audience and always be there!

Promote products and services

You can start investing small amounts of money and then adjust them based on the performance and effectiveness of your campaign. Therefore, it is not necessary to invest large sums right away to get great results.

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